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Medical Malpractice occurs when a Medical Doctor performs and operation or provides treatment below the Standard of Care that causes harm to the Plaintiff. Our Medical Malpractice Attorney, Manuel Juarez, 510-206-4492, provides you with a free legal consultation regarding malpractice of Traumatic Brain Injury, Back Operations, Spinal Operation, Knee Operation, Heart Operation, Misdiagnosis, Death caused by wrong doses of medication, or wrong drugs or wrong prescriptions.

What makes a Medical Malpractice Case worth litigating?

If you or a loved one goes for medical treatment including surgery and while alive and with a potential for a long life before going to the hospital; the operation, treatment or combination of the treatment and certain medicines and drugs, cuts your life short or ends it suddenly.

Medical Malpractice that falls Below the Standard of Care
Medical Malpractice attorney, Manuel A. Juarez: 510-206-4492

 The surgeon by mistake  takes the wrong organ out or operates on a healthy organ.  For instance, a patient is scheduled  for a biopsy to the left kidney and the surgeon, who had been working for 10 hours previously to the operation, operates on the right kidney.  

Or you go for surgery to the right leg and they operate on the left leg, hopefully, they do not amputate your good leg.  Or you go for treatment of your left foot and go out of the hospital without a right foot and a few toes of the right and a couple of fingers of.

 Or if you have heart trouble and they give you the wrong drugs or wrong doses that causes a heat attack and possibly death.

Or you go to the doctor for  a year and he tells you you are all right, maybe a little depressed and then you go one last week complaining of the same symptoms and this time they tell you you have a hernia and when they open you up, the doctor finds stage 4 cancer and you have only one or two weeks to live. A possible misdiagnosis.

The list goes on and on and only a qualified medical examiner is able to differentiate the good treatment from the one that falls below the standard of care.

What do lawyers look for when analyzing a Medical Malpractice case.
Malpractice attorney, Manuel A. Juarez: 510-206-4492
Lawyers are not interested in the regular medical complaint case that does not end in wrongful lost of limb, wrong organ taken out, severe impairment of life, or wrongful death itself.  Not even a death makes the case an attractive case.  The secret to a good medical malpractice case boils down to a cost benefit analyses.  In California, Medical Malpractice Cases are capped at $250.000 for the medical malpractice.  Statistic indicate that a lawyer may spend typically from $84,000 to $125,000.00, to litigate one of these medical malpractice cases.  Some may get away with $47,000 to $74,000.00 in cost, but these are mostly small cases. These cost make it difficult for a lawyer to just take any malpractice case.  The statistics indicate that 84 percent of lawyers have stopped taking Medical Malpractice cases in California.

Why is the cost of litigation so expensive?

 It is because a Medical Malpractice case requires Medical Experts.  Depending on their specialty, a Medical expert may range from a minimum of $15,0000.00 to $25,000.00.per day of litigation.  These prices makes it prohibitive for small solo practitioners to sue these doctors. Also, almost all the medical malpractice cases are litigated to the very end. The scorch the end litigation practice by the defense firms and cost benefit ratio makes it prohibitive for a solo practitioner to take a medical malpractice case because the potential return is too little.  

Review and Opinion by a Medical  Expert

The price of entry for a Medical Malpractice case is generally between $3,500 to $5000.00 just for the review and opinion by an expert. This expenditure is typically borne by the client at the first interview just to evaluate the merits of the case and to find liability below the standard of care. in order to file a lawsuit.  Attorneys get between 50 to a 100 medical malpractice inquiries a month, it would be prohibitive for a law firm to have to spend the monies necessary to comply with the Court's requirement of providing a medical review by a qualified Medical  Professional.

So what gives value to a medical Malpractice Case.
Medical Malpractice attorney, Manuel A. Juarez: 510-206-4492

A person who had a job salary between $50,000. to 200,000.00.  An injured person who has been out of his job for at lease 6 to 9 months.  An injured person who although, alive, may take him a long time to reintegrate into the work force or might remain disable for the rest of his natural life.If you have a potential case, try to measure against these economic parameters and tell a lawyer what he wants to hear.  If the treatment was wrongful, the lawyer wants to know whether you had a job before the injury or malpractice.  Whether you have lost any money  as a result of your injury. What future wages and out of pocket costs  will you incur in the future due to this medical malpractice. It would make your case more interesting to a lawyer looking for the perfect case.


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